Passion Mix: an explosion of color

They are sure of themselves, irreverent and ready to get involved, thanks to a constant search for ever more personalized styles. As we mentioned in earlier posts, here are the archetype women who are coming to the fore in recent years. These are the women that we want to try out these new haircolor formulas, as we offer them solutions that will celebrate their beauty and become the highest expression of their personalities.

When we talk about style and looks, our thoughts easily turn toward the world of haircolor, probably because this represents our most instinctive, visual input. This is why we continue to be committed to our search for innovation in the haircolor industry, as we still give the latest trends a wink.

Now, in these early months of 2018 we can inaugurate these great innovations. Passion Mix, a selection of six exclusive haircolor recipes that were born from combining I|Light nuances, the direct, the high intensity, pure haircolor – for salon use only – is perfect for giving decisive highlights, for repigmenting or intensifying haircolor.

Pantone declared Ultra-Violet the color of the year. This is one of the colors we have included in our Passion Mix collection by presenting two combinations that are interpreting this trend, MixFuchsia|Violet and MixSoft|Violet. Among the other blends, there are also MixIce|Mint, MixOrange|Pink, MixPearl|Grey and MixVenetian|Rose. These are all nuances that shine brightly in the name of new plays on light and color, guaranteeing an original and unique result

And, what about home maintenance? Brilliant shine is an effect that needs tender loving care. We suggest an Elgon selection, I|Care, the toning cream conditioner at medium intensity that keeps your highlights alive over time, providing nourishment and vitality.

Passion Mix represents the love story that women have with haircolor, whose telling is entrusted to the hands of hairstylists, sustaining them always with new stylish proposals.