Modavation, the new trends setting creativity free

A succession of ever-different yet harmonious shapes and colors. This is Modavation, the new Carpe Diem collection theme that unleashes the hairstylist’s creativity.

The Elgon Elegance Carpe Diem collection is the means to give a voice to your unique and unmistakable style, akin to that of an artist. A bridge between inner and outer beauty that goes beyond the products to where they are designed and made, to get to know the hairstylists and reveal their secrets and passions.

 This is how Christopher Cameron, Creative Director at Elgon for many years, has described the Modavation theme:
“Fast, changeable, lively in color and form. Sharp, technical cuts and colors that can be easily re-styled to create soft and elegant shapes. For those who know how to choose the moment to change, like a chameleon, whilst simultaneously living in the present”.

Through these words, Christopher conveys his passion for his work and the skills acquired, involving his team and encouraging them to find their own uniqueness. With Modavation, the hairstylist can experiment with the trend for cool tones (violet, ash, intense ash and pearl), and, thanks to their experience enabling them to master complex coloring techniques, they can unleash their creativity and express their style.

What does Modavation mean?

Uniqueness. A journey into beauty that becomes a way of life. The Elgon team has identified the most interesting of trends to help you freely express your style.

Beauty. A question of reflection from deep within. Beauty intended as health, harmony and inner and outer wellbeing.

Independence. Solutions capable of translating current trends. The interpretations of the best stylists.
Ideas and instruments to personalise the products that are making waves in the fashion industry.

Modavation is like a work of art: stories of passion, vocation and worlds in which know-how and being become a way of life.

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