It’s celebrated all over the world, but on different dates. Father’s Day knows no geographical boundaries. In Italy, it’s celebrated on 19 March, meaning that we’re going to be talking about dad in today’s post.

Who didn’t stop to watch him in the mirror as he spread that pleasantly scented foam all over his face? We used to watch him as he shaved, curiously observing that strange ritual that led to smoother and softer hugs.

Perhaps, the popularity of beards that has developed over recent years and transformed bearded men into a genuine cliché to all intents and purposes, originated from this ritual.

That said, beards have always had their appeal and raison d’être“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man” – WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

 Of course, it’s no coincidence that 65% of women prefer men with beards; it would seem that they give the idea of a stronger and more virile man and therefore a man that can provide protection. To conclude, beards are a trend that plays with our innate Freudian tendency to be influenced by a paternal figure when choosing a partner.

So, throw away those razors boys and take care of your beards!

With Blonde Ambition, Elgon launches the new Beard division with three new products for an extraordinary result: a clean, tame, soft and shiny beard each and every day.

“From the very first use, I was really impressed with these high-quality products. Man Beard Wash deeply cleanses whilst respecting the skin; Man Beard Balm simultaneously shapes and softens. Yet, Man Beard Oil is really something else. It absorbs quickly, is not greasy and provides the beard with shine, whilst maintaining a natural appearance. My clients will fall in love with this line in a heartbeat, just like I did!” – ALESSANDRO SESTA, SESTA BARBER SHOP


In the upcoming blog post, we’ll be talking about haircare and unique treatments…