COSMOPROF according to ELGON

The 2019 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna drew to a close on 18 March. The trade show, which is the leading event of its kind for the cosmetics industry, attracted over 265,000 sector operators, in addition to a 10% increase in international visitors.

Visiting the Elgon stand this year meant having the opportunity to get a bespoke ‘diagnosis’ from our Geniuses, aka our Elgon experts, and witness the creation of your very own haircare product or personalised color depending on your hair’s needs.

The stand welcomed thousands of visitors, who enjoyed the unique experience of creating their own tailor-made treatment. The experience composed a number of different steps and worked on the basis that every person is unique and therefore has specific requirements, with individuals now expecting to receive special attention from the companies that interest them.

Cosmoprof is increasingly focusing on the importance of a new industry approach, with greater attention being turned towards sustainability.

In this regard, Elgon has always recognised the need for a more ‘ethical’ cosmetics industry; a need so fundamental that the company has developed its Mother Science standards (click here –> to learn more) and has chosen to use renewable plastic for several items of packaging, in addition to raw materials hailing from sustainable trade practices or controlled supply chains, thereby guaranteeing safety and traceability.

What’s more, Elgon has chosen to reduce the amount of waste produced to an absolute minimum by establishing company policies intended to lower its environmental impact, such as only using secondary packaging when it is absolutely necessary and embracing the ‘think before you print’ philosophy, so as to reduce the printing of e-mails and other materials.

Returning to the matter at hand, Cosmoprof, trends and Elgon’s experience, the trade show confirmed the growing importance of the men’s cosmetic market. So, which products are most in demand? Men’s beardcare products continue to grow in popularity and are becoming increasingly relevant, with more and more space being dedicated to their promotion. On occasion of the trade fair, Elgon in fact launched its beardcare line (in addition to several other haircare developments), which was very much appreciated by both professionals and end consumers alike. (click here –> to learn more)

By choosing Elgon products, both during Cosmoprof and throughout the rest of the year, you are contributing to the COOPI project, the Milan-based NGO that works to provide the women of Sierra Leone with a better future. (click here –> to learn more)

Thanks to the #ShareTheFuture initiative, each purchase goes to gifting kilometres to the women of Sierra Leone, enabling them to travel throughout the country to share their expertise and experiences with other communities. The result? Elgon, with the invaluable help of its customers, has donated an impressive 450 km!


In the upcoming blog post, we’ll be talking about California and spring events…