Imagea Haircolor: the natural side of haircolor

According to the Organic Trade Association, 71% of women prefer natural products for their everyday use. This is a trend, which has also found fertile ground in the world of cosmetics and haircare, and which is growing very strongly in many market sectors. For this reason, to meet people’s needs for wellbeing and their search for healthier lifestyles, Elgon Green brought to life IMAGEA, a new ritual of pure beauty for hair inspired by nature and founded on Mother Science, the new professional cosmetics standard dedicated to trust, quality, sustainability and ethics.

IMAGEA is a mix of products with plant derived active ingredients that guarantee excellent professional results even when doing dying hair. Indeed, our Research & Development Department has brought to light Imagea Haircolor: Elgon Haircolor’s alter ego with a powerful green imprint. This is an innovative haircolor concept, which is first distinguished by its gel texture. Actually, the Imagea Haircolor formulation was designed to be as gentle as possible while at the same time ensuring top haircolor results. It is free of ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), Resorcin, Parabens and Perfume. In addition, thanks to the Andean Quinoa extract, it increases the hair’s brilliance and preserves the haircolor. Then the pomegranate extract gives it antioxidant power because of its vitamin C and polyphenol content.

Imagea Haircolor vaunts a range of 27 nuances, to which there are now some new haircolor combinations added to obtain maximum results in terms of personalisation. Just mix two nuances together carefully to obtain brand new recipes from the six categories available: Minerals, Sand, Cereals, Red Earth, Fire and Barks. The professional will then be able to propose to his or her customers the perfect Pure Color ritual for each individual, giving an ad hoc response to every hair type.

This is a true beauty experience dedicated to the uniqueness and brilliance of the haircolor!