With Gloria Bombarda – Suitcases packed

Suitcases packed, plane tickets at the ready and enthusiasm galore: the holiday season is finally upon us and Gloria Bombarda – influencer with a huge following thanks to her ‘Borsa di Mary Poppins’ – has chosen her holiday must-haves. Because, despite the need to relax, we still want to look our best while doing so. Discover the product line chosen by Gloria (and the one that could work for you too!) that won’t take up valuable packing space: with our Elgon Travel Kits, your beauty ritual will fit comfortably into all suitcases.


Good morning everyone!!! How are you? Are you organising your holidays? I really hope so! I’ve already booked mine and am actually on my way out!!!

Having pink hair, my first concern has been what to take with me to keep it looking its best throughout my beach holiday. Those of us with coloured and/or bleached hair know only too well that we have to pay special attention to our locks. I’m currently using the Elgon Colorcare range.

This range consists of several different products that I’m going to tell you a little about, explaining which I’ve chosen and which would be perfect for you! There are two cleansing ranges, since not all coloured hair is the same; some of us have fine, coloured hair and some of us have thick, coloured hair.

The Colorcare Delicate range (light blue bottle) is perfect for fine hair and is ideal for those of you in need of lightweight and gentle hydration. The products, shampoos and conditioners, are formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin B, a real cure-all elixir for our hair, making it super easy to comb.

Colorcare Re-Animation (dark blue bottle) is the second range developed for people with thick and very dry hair, or for those of you, like me, who have horribly damaged hair in need of restructuring. As the name implies, it literally re-animates your hair. Alongside the shampoo, there’s also a repairing mask with a pH of 3.5 to reconstruct the hair. After using this mask, my hair feels so silky. I use it regularly and I can tell you that my hair has improved no end!

That said, unfortunately when we travel we can’t take all of our favourite products with us in their full-size versions and we find ourselves having to decide who comes and who stays. This year, Elgon has come to our rescue by providing the exact same Colorcare products in a handy Travel Kit!

It’s not easy to find a professional and high-performing Travel Kit, so I’m super excited about this new arrival. The Travel Kits contain a mini-size Colorcare Delicate shampoo and conditioner or a mini-size Colorcare Re-Animation shampoo and mask depending on your hair type, in addition to a third styling product.

Which will you choose? Make your mind up today! They’re already available in salons 😉

Until next time!!