Elgon Days Contest: here are the winners of the Elgon contest dedicated to hairstylists from all over the world

More than 6,000 participants, with 302 photos uploaded, more than 2,500 shares and 50 finalists. However, there are only five winners. These are the numbers that add up to the success of the Elgon Days Contest. Elgon’s online competition dedicated to hairstylists from all over the world who have recounted their passion for their work through a snapshot.

These beauty artists put themselves to the test, giving free rein to their creativity and expertise by posting a representative image of their daily lives on a special platform. There are those who chose to express themselves through a hairstyle (in some cases true works of art) and those who froze a few moments of their lives in their salons. Nevertheless, out of the 50 finalists, voted by the community of members who took part in the competition, just five were awarded the opportunity to participate in the Elgon Inspiring Days event. This is the event that the Elgon brand organizes each year so that professional hairstylists from around the world can meet, attend dedicated training sessions and share their knowledge among international hair styling experts.

So, who are the hairstylists who will fly to Milan to partake of this exciting opportunity?

There is Ekaterina. Her snapshot highlights a vision that closely mirrors the brand’s values and the Elgon world. Her masterpiece is technically astounding. Finally, her choice of placing herself in a corner reminded us very much of how many painters sign their works. A signature 2.0 in a manner of speaking. A signature that makes her pride in what she has just created ever so clear. Ekaterina, now your test on stage is awaiting you. Will you be able to make your mark there too?

Then there is Egle. We talked about the first snapshot looking like a painting. Here, instead it seems like we are looking a real painting. This was not just a matter of technical skill and her hand’s ability with the hair that amazed us. Her hairstyle blends into and is enhanced by the context. There are chiaroscuro plays on light and shadow, shading and focal points. Then, the clothes and the expression worn by the model offer a true touch of class. Egle, will you be able to “paint” a perfect hairstyle even on stage at Milan’s East End Studios?

Aleksandra, your choice was very similar to the first snapshot, yet in a completely different context. The model is not flaunting her stuff on a catwalk. Instead, she is wrapped in an aura of serenity and comfort and she is smiling. The technique, for that matter, was perfect and designed specifically for her. We would love it if all our customers could be so perfect when we have finished our work. Aleksandra, will you be able to convey this joy to the entire audience at the Elgon Inspiring Days? We truly hope so.

Then, there is Dallan. If with Egle’s snapshot, the lines of the past are blended with features of the avant-garde, with Dallan the look is pointing straight to the future. The pixelated background and the direction of the light bring our eye to the model. She, whose gaze is fixed behind the viewer with her hands well placed at her sides, seems to fear no challenge that might appear along her path. And then, if it is true that every masterpiece also shows traits of the artist, then the question arises spontaneously: Dallan, are you ready to fearlessly face your adversaries on stage? September 30th is right around the corner.

Finally, there is Chung. Quiet, please, she is working. On the contrary, actually, anything could happen on that stage. Though there is an audience in front of her and other hairstylists with their presentations, nothing will distract Chung’s gaze from her masterpiece. She is about to complete her opus. For that matter, there seems to be very little missing, and nothing will distract her from her work. How many times have you been taken away completely by what you are doing? Nothing else exists. Just you and your customer. Chung, will you be able grab the attention of viewers from home and immerse them in your work? This could very well be your trump card.

Ekaterina, Egle, Aleksandra, Dallan and Chung, this year the occasion will be held in the top Italian city for fashion and design, from September 30th to October 1st, at the exclusive East End Studios. A former industrial area in Milan’s Eastern district, a cutting edge Events Point, which has become one of the most important and sought after in the world of communications, fashion, design and show business. Are you ready to be among the stars and win first prize?

There is nothing to do but wait. The countdown has already begun!