Donate Training Hours: the Elgon Salons’ Response to “Plant the Future”

“I discovered Elgon about a year and a half ago. It was love at first sight.  Besides the quality of the products, I find it exceptional that a company goes beyond the confines of its business and works with respect for others by thinking of those who need assistance.”  This was Viviana Gonzo speaking. She is an Elgon client, who admires the innovations of the Imagea line. She is also a brilliant and highly motivated beauty salon manager in Milan who recently came on board the Elgon sales force, besides being a great fan of the “Plant the Future” project, which Elgon supports in collaboration with the NGO, COOPI (link to one of the COOPI blogposts).

This is a project that has mobilized our entire world – including the independent hairstylists who work with our company – with the objective of providing real support for the future of the women of Sierra Leone with hours of professional training: precious time to learn how to better support themselves and their families economically. In fact, an initiative has just begun at Elgon brand customer’s salons, thanks to which, anyone who has a beauty treatment with Elgon products can donate one or more hours of training for the women of Sierra Leon.

“I’m a hairdresser and I’m proud of my work,” Viviana went on to say. “Every day I try to do the best I can to sell beauty and to offer my customers skill and professionalism. With the ‘Plant the Future Project’, I have the opportunity to add extra value to my services: my customers can feel beautiful outside and feel better inside as well, by giving their contribution to those who are less fortunate.”

Viviana believes strongly in the value of training as a necessary self-improvement tool, not only on a technical level, but above all through raising one’s spirit, thanks to continuous discussion and sharing with others.

This is an issue in which Serena Caimano – Elgon CEO – has been investing many of her resources for several years now, on several levels.  Her endeavour is implemented both inside her company – through productive training programs that make the development of techniques and skills available to Elgon employees and customers – and beyond the borders of Italy, by offering the people of Sierra Leone, especially the women, an opportunity to emancipate themselves through the development of a culture of work.

These efforts and commitments are beginning to reap excellent results, both in terms of successful outcomes of the COOPI project (also thanks to the commitment of people like Viviana) and in terms of gaining visibility of the initiative in the media. To find out more, see Serena’s latest interview that she gave on TV2000.

Click on this link so that you too can catch the enthusiasm that animates all of us here at Elgon:

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