This artistic work is inspired by my city and it’s sober elegance.

Today Milan is a beating heart, a community of human beings guided by an intense dynamism and a profound sense of beauty, the city owes its vitality to its privileged position between Europe and the Mediterranean, to its multi-racial population, to the wide spread culture of businesses of its citizens, that is expressed in particular in fashion and design of excellence.

I love Milan, love these images and love this beauty, they are perfect to share with you, to demostrates our idea of contemporary elegance.

Urban Mood

Living in the fast paced city, frenetic and running to catch up, but always there is time when running up Montenapoleone (the popular street with all the designer shops in Milan) to gaze in awe at the newest release of high fashion.  Knowing exactly when the stores change their window displays and reading the high fashion glossy magazines like they are the food of life, this girl likes her fashion and loves her life. Her city life, where friends, bars, accessories and frenetic daily travel are where she takes her inspiration. Her style is cool and sexy, her daily work wear can be transformed in a super chic evening outfit in two seconds, changing her heals and above all glamming her hair in an instant. 

Flexibility in outfits, make-up and most importantly hair.  This city loving chameleon can flip from super serious work directed to all empowered centre of the party.  However, no matter what hat she is wearing, there is always one defining factor grace, and above all ELEGANCE.     

Nature Mood

Once upon a time there lived a girl who worked in the hustle and bustle of the city, running from appointment to appointment in the fast flying and busy metropolitan, but when she gets to her high rise flat in the centre of the city surrounded herself with so many plants that her terrace looked almost like a jungle.  Kicking of her high heels she would happily call to her cat and revel in her little countryside in the middle of the city.

An oasis in the city created for a city living nature loving socialite who is a girl of contradictions where, whilst liking to party, she also craves the purity and tranquillity of nature. This is reflected in her choice of clothing, her choice of diet (possibly vegan, vegetarian), her preferred food shopping (farmers market or alternative stores) and above all her choice of hair.

Tousled and lived in, soft and feminine but always having a great natural ELEGANCE.


A youth movement of the late 1970’s characterized by anti-Establishment slogans and outrageous clothes and hairstyles” Cit. Collins Dictionary. This can still be seen today with revolutionaries and visionaries, who seek the abstract and try and create great newness. In 2016 we saw the passing of great visionaries like David Bowie (musician), Prince (musician) and Zaha Hadid (architect), who through their art have left an imprint for future generations.

The women that we meet in this section are women who are bold and daring, who are happy to turn heads, trying the new and keen for adventure.  They see their clothes, make-up and hair as their canvas, not always a conventional beauty. In Milan, one of the capitals of fashion of the world, this can be seen on frequent basis.  All you need is a free half hour, an outside bar at the Duomo and a cappuccino and many of these men and women will pass especially during the very hectic fashion weeks.

Whilst geometry and form can be daring and sometimes outrageous, this new world punk is not willing to compromise on her motives, constant change in style and unchanging ELEGANCE.