Chocolate Shine: all the sensuality of chocolate for your hair

Vibrant and irresistible. Exactly like a chocolate. We are not talking about food but about Chocolate Shine, the vast range of brilliant and sophisticated brown shades that Elgon will be adding to its Moda&Styling permanent haircolor line, Elgon’s flagship series in the field of haircolor. This is a category of products capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding hairstylists. Thanks to its broad range of nuances, this line permits them to bring their own creativity into play, surfing today’s fashion trends and responding to their customers’ many requests.

Indeed, it is not by chance that the chocolate colored mane is becoming one of the most sought after fashion trends of 2018, driven by an ever-growing desire for naturalness in every sphere of the world of beauty, including haircoloring.

This is why Chocolate Shine is being enriched by two new nuances, which are being added to the 9 already existing shades. Because of 4/81 Chestnut Ash Brown and 7/85 Blonde Red Brown, the opportunities are expanding for women to obtain a simple, glamorous look always in step with today’s hairstyle trends.

All the new Moda&Styling haircolors include the new Silker Complex 3 Plus formula, born thanks to the untiring commitment of Elgon’s Research and Development department and its invaluable contributions to the creation of innovative and effective products.

Silker Complex 3 Plus is a silk protein complex derived from real silk and synthetic polymer fibres, which create a protective film on the scalp and a hydrophobic barrier on the hair stems. This provides a repairing effect on the cuticle, thanks to its recalibrated pigments that guarantee a shinier, richer and more vibrant haircolor, which does not fade after shampooing but lasts and lasts.

So, as Oscar Wilde said, “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”, all we need to do is let ourselves go with the pleasure of Chocolate Shine, flaunting brilliant tresses with intense color, sure of perfect results.