All the colors of women

What kind of woman will stand out this 2018?What trends are going to define feminine style for the year?

We have taken a look at the dictates of the fashion industry, advertising and international culture to get an idea of the model woman to be affirmed this year. The New Year will have the face of those young people who seem to embody an image of awareness, style, strength and irreverence that is normally typical of thirtysomethings. It is not by chance that millennials, women born between the early 80s and the start of the 2000s, have become the stereotypes that have most significantly influenced women’s beauty trends.

Here are these women’ explicit requests: ever-cleaner skincare, haircare that can be personalized and strong fashion colors. Therefore, it was not by chance that Pantone declared Ultra-Violet the color of the year. “This is a color that expresses our hidden desire to understand our ever more complex reality.”

Riding this wave, the media have already elected the face to represent this soft-hue trend: Cara Delevingne, not only a top model and the face of Dior but also an actress, writer and style icon. That is to say, she represents all the young women with strong personalities who are anti conformists, anti canonical and against all past paradigms. With these premises, we feel called into action, because Elgon has always sustained women’s strength, their convictions and their multi-faceted ways of being.

How do we do this?

We offer women products and services that enhance their value day after day. It is in this context that Elgon haircolor lines find perfect placement, giving women the chance to stand out based on their own needs and desires. For example, for the more outgoing and audacious women, Moda&Styling ensures perfect permanent, cosmetic, oxidation haircolor, for a rich decisive effect. With its 87 nuances and 4 brand new Mineral Colors, this product is an excellent choice for strong vibrant colors, capable of covering every strand of grey, leading to fully penetrating haircolor.

Instead, I|light ensures high intensity gloss, with pure direct haircolor that provides new plays of light and revives dull hair whether natural or dyed. Thanks to a pallet of 15 nuances plus a neutral base, this cream achieves exceptional results, with long-lasting tones that can be washed out with shampoo in between 3 and 15 washings. Finally, for those women who need a product that just highlights and conditions, use I|Care, the direct, medium-intensity cream haircolor that keeps highlights alive over time by protecting from growth root signs. I|Care is indicated for natural or dyed hair and guarantees brilliant haircolor that washes out in just a few shampoos.

Which Elgon haircolor suits you?