10 MIN Haircolor: colour setting times are numbered

Today, time is a truly precious commodity. Although we recognise its importance, we have a tendency to overburden it with infinite commitments. The result is an endless, and at times sacrificial, rat race. There is however one thing that simply cannot wait: beauty, an immensely important attribute, which enables a woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. Beauty not only intended as ‘appearance’, but above all, as a sense of ‘being’. This begins from within with the acceptance of our own individual personality, strength and independence and emerges in how we present ourselves to the outside world. In this regard, even perfectly groomed hair boasting a striking colour can represent an expression of beauty.

To meet the needs of women who are short of time but still wish to look immaculate, Elgon has created 10 MIN Haircolor, the new line of permanent cosmetic cream colours that guarantees the maximum coverage and brilliance of a traditional dye in a fraction of the time, by reducing the setting phase to just 10 minutes. On our lunch break or straight after work, 10 MIN Haircolor is the perfect solution to always looking our best without the need to sacrifice anything!

10 MIN Haircolor in fact enables the salon to provide a cutting-edge service, reducing the setting times for colour services by 70%, and is the ideal solution to cover roots and grey hair, darken, even out the colour over the lengths, and achieve glossy, brilliant locks.

Consisting of a staggering 33 shades, this innovative colour range now boasts two new hues:  7MK Moka Blonde and 5.6 Light Mahogany Brown, to represent the latest fashion trends and meet customer demand. Moreover, the cream base has also been enriched with chemical composites known as phosphate esters, which allow for the faster penetration of the conditioning ingredients and pigments. This subsequently allows for an optimum colour result and greater comfort and skin tolerability for individuals who are sensitive to the irritation and itching often associated with hair dyes.

All this newness does not end here. In order to provide its customers with glossy, brilliant locks, Elgon has recalibrated its pigments, resulting in a more natural-looking colour, and has added Tsubaki Oil, a new active ingredient boasting softening and hydrating properties that works in synergy with the other ingredients in the formula, which include keratin to boost hair fibre resistance during the rapid colouring process. Furthermore, the low ammonia content reduces hair sensitivity during colour application.